Monday, June 10, 2013

Is The Nutribullet Better Than The Magic Bullet?

When you compare the Nutribullet to the Magic Bullet I think you are looking at two separate pieces of equipment. Do they both work? YES! But they work differently from the other one. What I mean by this is that the Nutribullet is more for fruit and vegetable smoothies and drinks where the Magic Bullet is used for a more rougher blending tasks. The Nutribullet is large and has a lot more power than the smaller Magic bullet. The Nutribullet's primary task is to create Nutrient rich drinks to help with immune systems, muscles, and other body needs. The Magic Bullet can handle numerous tasks such as milling, grating, chopping, cooking, and more. They both can do the same thing, the the Nutribullet might be just a bit better because of its size and power. Either one works great though. If you are looking for an all around kitchen gadget go with the magic bullet, and if you are looking for a device to help you get on track and live healthy go with the Nutribullet.

Nutribullet Review

My personal review of the Nutribullet and what it can do

What is the Nutribullet and how well does it work? The Nutribullet is a nutrient extracting device. Basically this means that it pulverizes fruits and vegetables so that your body can get all the essential nutrients out of them.

nutribullet blender

Most of the time when you eat a fruit or vegetable your body does not have enough time to process all the vitamins and nutrients from it. With the Nutribullet it is like an instant power surge through your body. As if you were injecting it into your body.
How? The Nutribullet has a 600 watt power system and a unique blade system that breaks down fruits to the cell level, opening those cells and releasing all that nutrients. Once you drink that most of it will be absorbed into your body and not just passed through.

The most popular device that is similar to this is the Vitamix. This device does that same thing that the vitamix can do and more at only a fraction of the cost.

Those of you who want to eat healthy and feel better give this a try.

Want to Get 180 Smoothie Recipes For Your Nutribullet or Magic Bullet?

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If you are like me and many others who have already purchased one of these amazing machines you will want to know what you can do with it. I would like to refer you to an e-book that can help you get healthy and living right with over 180 different smoothie recipes to choose from. You could try a new smoothie everyday for six months. WOW! It is called Sensational Smoothies. Check it out now. You wont be disappointed. You can try it out and if does not deliver then you get all your money back.

Magic Bullet Blender Review

My personal experience with the Magic Bullet

The Magic bullet is a complete blender system. You can do just about any blending task with this. You can make soup, grate cheese, even make sorbet using this tool.

If you have ever seen the infomercial on this you will see all that it can do, if not watch it below this review to get a look and what it can do.

I feel that the power provided which is 275 watts is plenty for such a small appliance. It is easy to use and you can do a lot with it.

Juicing With The Magic Bullet or Nutribullet

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My favorite tool to use is the juicer. A lot of people swear by juicing. The Magic Bullet Comes with a juicer attachment. If you are looking for an all around kitchen mixer, grater, blending system I cannot recommend this enough. I have has mine for over 6 years now and it is still just as good as the day I bought it. Do you plan on using your Nutribullet for juicing or Magic Bullets juicer attachment? If so I have to recommend this ebook I found about juicing. The book is only $4.99 so you are not going to break the bank with this one. It is called Ultimate Juicing Recipes & Tips. You will get over 275 recipes, as well as many tips and tricks about juicing. You will learn
  • Recipes your children will prefer to sugary drinks
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  • How to juice green "super-foods" without the bitter tast
  • and much more...
If you want to feel healthier and more energetic in just 7 days or less then you should check out this book Ultimate Juicing Recipes & Tips. Again the price is only $4.99. These recipes work awesome with my Magic bullet juicer attachment but you know I have used a lot of these recipes with my Nutribullet as well with great success the only difference with the nutribullet is that you are going to get a thicker drink that may even be more healthy for you. If you do not like this book there is a 60 money back guarantee. So check it out please.